Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I love Barn Quilt blocks!

A new thing I have came across is Barn quilt blocks. I Love them! I think they add so much charm and color to a building! I think I may make one for our newly built chicken house.We will see how that goes LOL. Now what pattern to choose? It would only be right to choose the hen and chicks pattern I suppose,But I also like the look of the peace star as pictured.. Decisions, decisions.


  1. Hi Susy and Brad!! Just the beginning of great things to come!!! I want to live like you guys when I grow up!(LOL) Nice job on the Web Site. And I love the soap you guys made! Makes me want to use bar soap instead of the liquid.
    Love You Guy.s!(MOM)

  2. Cant wait for the Farmers Markets to start so I can buy your heirloom tomatoes again! It was a pleasure buying from you two last year!! See ya in the Spring.