Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Winter roots

We have finally used up most of our winter storage root Veggies for dinner in a veggie soup. Which included Turnips,Carrots,Daikon radishes and Spinach. I must say its so nice to be able to have some veggies from our garden stored for winter use. There is no comparison in flavor to a sweet crunchy homegrown carrot to the store bought flavorless ones.And I love using Turnips in replacment of potatoes. This year I hope to store more carrots in for winter use. They all kept so nice in the fridge and are still growing! Fresh live food in winter from our summer garden. Amazing!

Here is a recipe I wanted to share from" Nourished Kitchen". I hope to try this soon. Sounds so good!


Monday, January 21, 2013

Arctic Blast

Buuurrrrrr we are getting an arctic blast here in Illinois. With wind chills of -20 below, doing chores this morning wasn't as pleasant as usually. A few animals had to be moved to different buildings as once warm spots are now fridged cold. I'ts 10:27 here this morning as I type this and I have already been outside several times to check on the goats to make sure they are staying warm.

As I was walking to the goat barn I noticed this little Dandelion... I don't think I've ever seen a dadelion getting ready to bloom in the middle of Janurary! We have had some wacky weather that's for sure! Poor flower almost looked like it was trying to warm up in ray of sunlight.

Bella, Mille, and Henry the cat are staying nice and cozy under the heat lamp. Its really not that bad if your out of the wicked winds!


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Farm Update

Some have asked where I have been since the last time I blogged, Which was along time ago. I'm still here lol. With so many projects on my mind and during the busy garden season sometimes Blogging gets pushed aside. So a little farm update for you all.

Here on the farm we have been getting things ready for a cold snap that is to come the 3rd week Of January. Getting a new door on my goat kidding stall and getting ready for the babies to arrive. Putting heat lamps up and getting the chick boxes cleaned up and organized for new peeps in a couple weeks. Deciding on what varieties of veggies we will be growing this year and getting seed orders in. We are also in the process of putting a hoop house up for starting tomato plants and for extending our season.
Even though its still cold and winter here, this is the time of year when our winter break starts to turn into thoughts and projects that spring brings. And if feels good! Gets your mind working again and out of that hibernation feeling.

Here are a few pics from the barn.This time of year the animals always find the sunny spot in the barn to warm up. Its funny the chicken looks as though he is looking at the shadow.

The sun is relaxing and makes everyone sleepy

And this pretty little girl, who prefers to hang around the barn instead of her coop.