Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Giant weird egg

This is the weirdest egg.
The pictures don't do it justice to how weird it is.
And It's a really big egg too (poor chicken ) This thing is as big as a duck egg.

When I went to gather the eggs this mourning It was like this egg was staring at me lol.
I noticed it right when I walked into the chicken house and said "WOW".I was almost kind of scared to pick it up because I though it was one of those rare soft eggs that you sometimes get. But nope it was a regular hard egg just weird.This egg has wrinkles and ridges all over it. Like frank-en egg lol.I bet it's double yolked!  

  Now I am going to wonder what chicken layed this egg.

This is as far as the carton will close!

The weird egg amongst our already jumbo eggs.


  1. Maybe that chicken needs more fiber in its diet! LOL Very strange!

  2. Hahaha yes maybe! You get a weird egg every once in awhile. It almost looks like the chicken layed it wet and soft and it dried hard lol.

  3. Looks Mummified!!

  4. I came via Life On A Southern Farm.

    OH MY GOODNESS! that is one odd egg... I wonder what the yoke looks like? That is a frankin-egg or mummy egg....


  5. Hello! We cracked this one open, It had two huge yolks inside, It was pretty cool! lol. It's always a exciting thing around here when you get a double yolked egg :0)

  6. We have them like that sometimes, not sure what causes it. Double yoke = Good Luck!

    Pam@ Stumpe Backyard Nursery