Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Farm Video

little video I made of some of the animals here on the Farm.

Baby Girl

It's always fun to get a new baby on the farm. Brad bought me a female Great Pyrenees puppy for my birthday, We named her Bella. Our plans are to breed her to Sammy in a couple years. She is such a sweet girl, so calm and gentle. And is great with the chickens! She isn't in with the goats and sheep full time yet like Sammy. She is still to small. I tried putting her in with them for the day and they started head butting her pretty hard. So we will have to wait until she gets bigger. I don't want her getting hurt. She will follow me when I go out to feed the chickens and follows Sammy everywhere he goes...They are in Love lol. She is on the smaller side so she won't grow to be as big as Sam.
Her parents were smaller and from working stock, Sammy was from show/working stock. Pyrenees from pure working stock tend to be less hairy and don't have as much of a block build like Sammy does. She seems like she will be a great guardian dog, She is a watcher and will sit and just watch everything..Which is a good sign! She doesn't have that crazy wanna play puppy attitude.