Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Potato Prep before planting...

Its time to plant the potatoes! Brad and I spent the day getting our potato bed ready, and cutting and prepping the potatoes for planting. We have never tried growing potatoes, so this will be our first year. We started out with 350 pounds to see how it goes. I was getting a little intimidated and overwhelmed by the amount of potatoes that other people plant and grow for the markets LOL. But if all goes well this year we will most likely expand the potato beds. I know in a couple day's when planting begins our backs are going to hurt at the end of the day!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Planting time..

Its finally been nice and dry enough out to start planting our early vegetables. We were also able to get out and test out our new Tiller. Which we are very happy with! We planted a lot of different lettuces (both head and loose leaf types, Carrots,a lot of radishes,turnips,and beets. We weren't able to get our Kohlrabi in and a few other veggies though because a storm was coming in. Guess we will have to wait a few day's for that. It will be nice to rest a little bit after planting is finished! My back is achy, And I have a bad sunburn. But I LOVE it! There is nothing like it in my opinion. Fresh air and dirt under my nails, Now that's living!