Monday, March 31, 2014

First nice days of spring are wearing me out!

These first actual nice days of spring are wearing me out. Of course I'm always tired when spring arrives due to the fact that I'm getting used to being outside after being cooped up all winter.I think its from the harder than average winter we've had here in Illinois, and lack of movement this winter because of it.

This week has been busy with preparations for getting the garden ready and a little spring cleaning. Each fall when the garden season is over, we are so burnt out that of course things that need to be done don't get done, and get put on the back burner until they are forgotten in spring, Which means more work for our already busy schedule. But it gets me moving more which is good for gearing my rusty winter muscles into getting used to hard summer work!

Starting our plants in the hoop. Still a lot more seeding to go. I usually only get seeding done in the morning or later on in the day since it gets too hot in the hoop mid day for me lol

There are plants to be ripped out yet as well. Here is our row of sweet basil that I've started on.Even after sitting all winter, the sticks smell amazing!

A welcomed sign of spring and healthy soil! The earthworms were everywhere as I pulled up the basil plants. A sign the ground is thawed and ready to be worked, Just a little more drying up needed yet.The frogs were singing one of my favorite sounds in the world today, and I got some much needed sun on my pasty white skin ha!

Brad is getting the new tractor greased up and ready for plowing and tilling. Hopefully we can get some early spring goodies in by the end of the week. Fingers crossed as were already behind.

2 other jobs that really should have been done in the fall. Ripping up the plastic mulch our tomatoes were on, and Our frost cover. We learned last year from our poor tomato year to never use red mulch again! The weeds overtook as you can see and too much light got in and created the perfect growing environment (like a mini greenhouse) Black plastic mulch only this year!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Will spring ever come?

We have had one crazy long winter here in Illinois! With record breaking cold and snow, one day above freezing feels good enough for me to go out without my coveralls on. I'm craving spring!  Usually by this time of year we are plating our first spring radishes and greens. But I couldn't stand it anymore, The hell with winter, I'm ready to hang laundry on the line, snow still on the ground and all. So I did. and the smell was amazing, and I slept like a baby!