Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Farm Update

Some have asked where I have been since the last time I blogged, Which was along time ago. I'm still here lol. With so many projects on my mind and during the busy garden season sometimes Blogging gets pushed aside. So a little farm update for you all.

Here on the farm we have been getting things ready for a cold snap that is to come the 3rd week Of January. Getting a new door on my goat kidding stall and getting ready for the babies to arrive. Putting heat lamps up and getting the chick boxes cleaned up and organized for new peeps in a couple weeks. Deciding on what varieties of veggies we will be growing this year and getting seed orders in. We are also in the process of putting a hoop house up for starting tomato plants and for extending our season.
Even though its still cold and winter here, this is the time of year when our winter break starts to turn into thoughts and projects that spring brings. And if feels good! Gets your mind working again and out of that hibernation feeling.

Here are a few pics from the barn.This time of year the animals always find the sunny spot in the barn to warm up. Its funny the chicken looks as though he is looking at the shadow.

The sun is relaxing and makes everyone sleepy

And this pretty little girl, who prefers to hang around the barn instead of her coop.



  1. Beautiful :). So much hard work you have done.

  2. Beautiful photos. You sound really busy.

  3. Thank you! Yes we are starting to get busier. I think it might be the decent weather we are having this week. But if the weather man is right about this cold snap, I'm glad we are getting things ready for it.Gives me something to do and some excersize :)