Thursday, October 27, 2011

What can we eat?

Here is a link I wanted to share of some new reports saying that some chicken meat may contain small amounts of arsenic
FDA: Some chicken may have small amount of arsenic

And another great Link!

The thing that gets me is they claim that although the meat may contain arsenic, that the amount in the meat is so small that it poses no threat to human health...Seriously!! come on. I really don't want any amount in the food I eat. This is very disturbing! How did the arsenic even get there to begin with? Arsenic causes cancer even at the low levels currently found in our enviroment. Arsenic also causes, Heart disease,and diabetes!

The commercial broiler chicken industry has a decade old practice of intentionally putting arsenic into the chicken feed as a microbe inhibitor, But why...I want to know WHY!! What is the reason for this? Is there really anything we can  safely eat anymore?
Which brings me to the reason and importance of being more self sufficient.
When Brad and I had our Broiler chickens processed I had been very hesitant to eating one yet.These chickens became like pets to me, and would greet me every morning. But after reading this, I now have one finally thawing in my kitchen LOL. This is what it took I suppose to make me finally eat one of our Birds. I know that next year we will be doing more free ranged birds to fill up our freezer!
Self sufficient and off the grid....Our goals!

An exciting day of new life on the farm

The puppies are here, the puppies are here! Yes it is an exciting day here on the farm. Bella is a new mommy to 6 healthy chubby pups. 2 males and 4 females. All with beautiful badger markings.

(Bella in labor and looking very uncomfortable)
Bella went into labor yesterday morning. She began nesting and looked irritated. She had her first puppy at 9:00pm, and had a puppy ever hour until the last one was born at 2:00am. All went well with no problems.

Here is a little video