Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First Chocolate egg!

I went into the chicken house this mourning and to my surprise gathered one our first dark brown eggs from one of our chocolate egg-er hens.A weird term for a chicken but I love it, Reminds me of Charlie and the chocolate factory Ha! The hens that are laying these are our Welsummer (Also known as the Kellogg's cereal chicken)and Barnevelder chickens. They are a considered a rare heritage breed.They are very cool looking too! I Love these rich dark brown eggs, You have to be careful though when you wash them as the brown color on these chocolate eggs washes off.


  1. If you ever have any of your maran chicks or hens for sale, let me know! I would love to add the dark colored eggs to our farm's collection.

  2. Hi Terri! We are actually short on them ourselves. I only have 6 hens. I really want to buy some more! I wish I had a broody hen to lay on some of the eggs so I could hatch some out. If I ever do I will let you know. I'm going to look for a couple of Silkie hens to buy to lay on them for me. They are great broody hens.