Monday, April 15, 2013

Busy Month

I'ts the busy time of year for us. Even though the weather hasn't been Ideal for springtime in the midwest, I cannot complain as we have had plenty of rain, which makes me happy compared to last years drought.
So we have been trying to get things done while dodging the cold and wet. The spring garden has been tilled and most has been planted, we got a makeshift hoop greenhouse up to start our plants,The goats have had their babies, and trying to fit house hunting in the mix makes for a busy and stressfull spring. And here are a few photo of our busy month..

Planting Spring goodies, A good feeling to get things planted. Nothing better after being cooped up all winter than to smell the fresh spring dirt, It smelled amazing!

 Planting day was a good one, And it ended with this amazing sunset!

 Brad constructing the hoop greenhouse. I'ts working out wonderfully!

Since we are behind on starting tomato plants, we planted throughout the night.

2,000 Tomato plants started so far, A couple hundred cabbages, Peppers, Thai and sweet Basil, and more to come. We will be selling tomato plants this year, So more planting to be done! I'ts been getting pretty hot in the hoop, A little too hot to be planting in there. So Most of the planting is done in the evening or when it's cloudy out.

Now we just wait for the little seedlings to pop out of the dirt. Springs bounty is right around the corner, and it just gets busier from here. A nice break from our lazy winter :)