Monday, February 1, 2010

Giant eggs!

Brad and I just bought 18 new hens to add to our flock. We bought Red Star hens and to our surprise they are the hens that lay the giant eggs! These hens are only 9 months old and lay some of the biggest brown eggs I have ever seen! They are like super Jumbo eggs! Some of them won't even fit into the egg cartons and have to be stored in bowls LOL.And the ones that will fit into the cartons fill it up and I can hardly close the carton as you can see. Some of them almost resemble duck eggs! Here is a picture of the ones that would fit into the cartons. Here is one of our large regular sized eggs compared to the super jumbo eggs lol. I kept an egg today that was the biggest egg I have ever seen! It measured 3 1/2'' long by 6'' around!!! I'm keeping it for as long as I can lol.

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