Thursday, February 4, 2010

Scientists in india create super tomatoes

What is this world comming to,and what is the price we will pay for an longer lasting tomato? Scientists are claiming they do not know the long term affects of these tomatoes and their nutritional value.So it would be like eating water nutritinally wise in the long run. What goes bad is what's good for you! You think genetically modified food will help starving people? Bio tech companies make GMO's so they can make more money pure and simple. Just look at the US. Monsanto makes Roundup ready corn--> farmers overproduce it--> the price drops so farmers can't support themselves-- they get welfare (of course they call it subsidies)
Meanwhile the American people are fatter than they've ever been, because cheap food is crappy food.

All the while Monsanto is making billions, and the billions of hungry people and the world is still hungry. If you would like to read the article for yourself here is the link.

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