Saturday, February 12, 2011

Little ones

There here! My new baby dairy goats. I really wanted to get Nubians but they are so hard to find! Instead we welcomed a little alpine and a Saanen doe. I cannot wait to make some homemade goats milk butter and cheese! I think I'm going to try and find a doe in milk until these little girls are ready. So I have yet another project for Brad to do, Make me a milking stand lol. Poor brad always has something to make or do on his list. Ah that reminds me, His next project is another mobile chicken coop for our new pullets, and he is going to attempt to make a plastic mulch layer and tomato trans planter.Glad he took some welding classes in college. This is going to be a really busy spring for us! Wait isn't every spring..I think I say this every year LOL. Here are some pictures, more to come since these aren't the best. I took these in a hurry while bottle feeding them this mourning.

Alpine doe. I like the name Eleanor for her I think LOL

Little Saanen doe. Thinking about naming her Heidi

This is a little buckling my mom bought. He has a clef pallet and wouldnt have made it if not bottle fed. Thought we would give him a good life here on the farm. We are naming him Harry :0)

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