Friday, April 1, 2011


Our new goat paddock is done! The girls have been staying in a stall, So I'm so happy they have a big ole pen to run and play in. It is being used as a goat/dog paddock for the time being. Last week Sammy And Bella got out of the pasture, They were missing all day. Sam came home Bella never did.Thankfully she was found and taken to Doggy Jail LOL. What a headache! So until we can get the electric fence fixed in the pasture they will be staying with the goats,
Elle May and Josie.

They all get along great, Bella has become pretty attached to them. She licks them and just loves them. We fixed up an old Hog shed, put a new roof on it,and Painted it.Perfect size for everyone.

Elle May being Goofy as always. She was just bred with my neighbors Nigerian Dwarf buck,So if all goes well we should have what they call mini Nubian babies this August!

They are so funny!They crack me up. Josie likes the camera

Sammy and Josie


  1. I just discovered your blog....Love it!
    I enjoyed the pictures....The goats are so cute with the dogs :)
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Tracey,Thank you! Hope you had a great weekend as well.