Tuesday, June 7, 2011


This is our new little handsome guy "Alex". He came with the name Seamus pronounced (sheymus) We bought him from a breeder in Alexis Illinois so I thought the name Alex would fit him nicely.
Alex is a Mini Nubian, which is a cross between a Nigerian dwarf buck and a standard sized Nubian doe. Producing the look of a Nubian in a smaller size. Great for smaller farms or someone looking for a dairy goat with a high butterfat content in a smaller easier to handle size.

Alex and the girls are still getting used to each other and everyone seems to be getting along great! I cannot wait for cute lil floppy eared babies! Alex is only 3 months old so It might be a a month or 2 before he takes interest in them, Or we shall see when the girls come back into heat again.

Josie says thanks for the new friend! Elle never seems to want to be in my pictures lol she is camera shy I guess :0)

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  1. Well hello there lil Alex. Would you like to follow me home? He is just a little cutie isn't he. :-)