Monday, June 20, 2011

It's a growing

We finally had a variety of things to sell this Saturday at market. Turnips, Swiss Chard,Kohlrabi,Lettuces,And beets.

We were happy the beets were finally ready to harvest. This year we grew three different kinds of Beets,Golden,traditional red, and a pink striped variety.I don't remember the specific names of them at the moment.We like the color it adds to the table and the different flavors.
This is the first time we are able to sell beets. Last years crop got overrun with weeds and they didn't grow much. We made sure to keep the beets as weed free as we could this time, and we've had a great turn out! We ended up selling mostly everything except for some Swiss Chard and some turnips. The Swiss chard will be processed today for the freezer.

I just love beets! They have such pretty rich coloring

Turnips and Swiss Chard


  1. Wow, love all those beets. I love to pickle them! I've never had Swiss Chard or Turnips. Here in South Texas, the garden is dead. Too hot and dry. Hopefully, we'll get some rain in time for a fall garden.

  2. Thank you Lorilee! Pickled beets are one of my favorite foods! Sorry about the garden,I hope you guy's get rain soon! Such strange weather. Our garden did horribly too. I think it's been a hard year on a lot of people!