Thursday, October 27, 2011

An exciting day of new life on the farm

The puppies are here, the puppies are here! Yes it is an exciting day here on the farm. Bella is a new mommy to 6 healthy chubby pups. 2 males and 4 females. All with beautiful badger markings.

(Bella in labor and looking very uncomfortable)
Bella went into labor yesterday morning. She began nesting and looked irritated. She had her first puppy at 9:00pm, and had a puppy ever hour until the last one was born at 2:00am. All went well with no problems.

Here is a little video




  1. Hey there Brad and Susy! Yay, congrats on the puppies! How cute? Are they all Pyrenees? Very very cute! If you were closer, I'd put dibs on one of those pups! Cute, cute, cute! Looks like Henry doesn't know what to make of those new mushy pups!

  2. Bella was such a brave girl. I only heard her make a yelp just once. I was privelaged to be at attendance of the births!!!

  3. Thank you Zan! Yes they are All Pyrenees. And yes they are mushy,cuddle,squishy pups lol. Love them!

  4. Thanks for the help and staying up with me mom! I would have gotten scared lol

  5. What a sweet video! Precious pups....and a dedicated cat midwife ! That was so touching with the cats watching. Nature is beautiful!

  6. Thank you, It really is! Henry and Bella have a special relationship, I love watching them :)