Monday, February 28, 2011

Josie and Elle May


          Our new Future Nubian milking goats



                          And Elle May

I couldn't believe how hard it was to find this breed of dairy goat. Although I have never had a Nubian goat before, They have always been my favorite breed. I love their long floppy ears And playful personalities.

These Two little girls are 10 months old. They will be bred shortly to our Toggenburg Buck. That should be a cute combination! We don't have a Nubian boyfriend for these two but that's ok, We still love the mixed breed babies, It's fun to see what you get.

If everything goes well, these guys should be in milk by late summer. In preparation I'm getting our barn office cleaned and ready to be our new milking room. We will have our milking stand in there,a sink,and a refrigerator, so we can chill the milk fast. This is going to be a exiting new thing for us!

Most of the goats here on the farm are Pygmy crosses for my parents petting zoo.
I'm used to their personalities.
So when I brought these two girls home yesterday I could tell the difference right away!

For starters they are very loud!
They sound like they are being murdered when they cry LOL. It cracks me up.

They are a lot more aloof and curious than the other breeds we have. But very friendly.

Overall I think they are big Goof balls! I noticed they like to throw their heads around a lot, They are natural comedians lol

 These girls are going to be the most spoiled goats in the barn! They went on a walk with me this mourning to the chicken house. With their new pink collars and leads of course! lol

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