Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring means work

Springtime on the farm means major spring cleanup of the laziness of winter.
And the beginning of sore muscles that haven't been worked much lol.

Not saying we don't get our fare share of farm chores and duties in winter time. But when the weather warms up a bit we all get in a major cleaning mood and go to town!

The last warm up we had we got a lot of stuff done in the day. Thank god for helpful family members willing to come out and help wrangle goats and sheep up for their springtime vaccinations,hoof trimmings,and dehorning babies. The day goes by a lot faster when you have a few hands and a lot of laughing!

My mom and my dad giving a vaccination to this little goatee

Our list of things to do when the temps warm up again

-Cobwebs and dust to clean in the barn
-Empty Feed sacks piled up to be thrown away
-Barn floor to be raked
-Stalls to be completely mucked and cleaned out
-All feed pans and water dished to be completely bleached and sanitized
We were also able to get a lot of the down tree's that were cut down in late fall, Chopped,split,and stacked. The tree's are shared by our neighbors and us, they are right on the property line. There were a few dead ones that needed taken down. The pile is smaller but still some left to do.

I think it's time to replace some of the old hay buckets as well LOL. This one ASAP! all that sharp metal isn't good in the barn, But makes for a cute picture :0)

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