Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A new home

We have finally got a start on the new coop!
Well I shouldn't say we, more like Brad.
It was supposed to be done this winter but for some reason we go into Hibernation mode around here as soon as the temps get below 40 degrees lol. So now that it's a bit warmer, bring on the projects!
The new coop is being put on an old hay wagon frame, Makes it A lot easier to move it around the pastures.We still need to find some tires for this thing. Our other coop is on heavy duty Skids.Which works great as well But we cannot get it over our bridge to one of the pastures. Glad we will be able to do that with this new coop!

I like the idea of using this old Axle and recycling it into something useful.I know if we wouldn't have brought it home and rescued it, That it would have probably been used as scrap. Plus it was free from a friend ~SCORE~.
Not sure what look were going for yet,As Brad's building designs are what he likes to call them, pulled out of his You know what lol. I was thinking about going with a green roof, One that you can plant on. That would be neat looking I think, And cheaper than a tin roof! We will see how it comes along. But for now Brad spent some time last weekend and finished the floor! So maybe he will work on the walls this weekend.

Getting the axle in the garage. Its been sitting outside all winter.

Putting the floor together

Some pictures of Mobile coops we might go off.

Here is a green roof. Isn't it awesome and adorable? lol Just wondering what I could plant that would be low maintenance. Grass? then I would have to mow it. However I Could put a few chickens on it to eat it down :0)


  1. LOVE the green roof. if you plant grass it will only get so high..3-4 inches. you wont have to mow or cut it. I think you should plant herbs on it!!!

  2. Thanks for the info!
    Maybe grass and herbs then :0)
    Makes sense to use up space instead of wasting it. I like the herbs on the photo I posted, Maybe I will go with that. I will have to do some searching online at pictures and get a better plan going.

  3. Hi Susy and Brad!
    Just found your blog after reading your comment on Miss Effie's facebook! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. The rest of my night is now gone...I will be reading through the entire thing. ;-) Keep up your wonderful work.

  4. LOL Thanks Jen! Were Glad you like it! I know how you feel, I have spent many hours looking at blogs,It's addicting!It's Like reality T.V hahaha

  5. Ok Jen I just realized who you were lol. I have been following your awesome blog as well and I LOVE it! And your signs! Do you ever make them custom on request?

  6. Hi Susy! All of my signs, up until this point, have been custom ones! I just started making some for "general appeal" when Cath asked me to do some for her Summer Kitchen. :-) If I can ever help you with one let me know! you can email me at