Friday, March 4, 2011


                                              A salad for the chickens from last nights leftovers. 

I love giving the chickens scraps, and watching them scratch around at them, and fight over the little bits of salad leaves. This is my daily kind of entertainment around here. I don't watch much T.V, No housewives or Jersey shore, And I don't go shopping much or go to the movies. I get free healthy entertainment from watching my animals. Watching chickens almost memorizes me.There is something very,very relaxing about   watching them peck around.

And I had to get a picture while I could of our beautiful Americana rooster. Unfortunately when we bought the Americana's we got all roosters.So no colored eggs for us. But I do enjoy these guys though,They are nice to look at!


  1. Can I be one of your chickens? That salad looks pretty tasty! ;-)

  2. It did look yummy lol. They enjoy there greens every once in awhile. Until the grass comes back anyways. The feed bills are getting expensive! In the summer we have them free ranging on the pasture They don't eat as much. Come on Spring!!