Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring is early

Ok so spring came a bit early for us this year.This is the earliest we have gotten anything in the ground. 

 Maybe It's because we have spring fever and couldn't wait to dig our hands into the dirt.
 The smell of the moist dirt was pure happiness.There is no better smell!  

It was so perfect yesterday so we decided to do a dirt test with the tiller. The dirt was perfect! Not to wet and nice and crumbly. So we thought what the heck might as well till up the whole garden while the ground was dry and the weather was nice. It took most of the day.My day was spent watching brad and sitting in the dirt. I was just soaking it up! Felt good to be so close to the earth,That's what I've been waiting for.So to my relief we have beets and carrots planted. Hopefully they are ready by market day this may! 

                 Checking everything over

                                 The last of the tilling.

             Loading the seeder with beet seeds

Seeding the ground.OK I know the rows are crooked lol. A lot of other growers are very careful to get perfectly straight rows. But that just doesn't matter to us I guess.All that matters to us is that those beets will be fresh and that no chemicals will have ever touched them.

                Next on the list to plant Is our lettuces and Kohlrabi.Hopefully It's a dry spring!


  1. You are giving me planting fever Susy!! I'm tempted to go out and look at the soil in my raised beds....I've never planted this early...but fresh beets and carrots sound SO GOOD right now. :-)

  2. lol We have never planted this early either. Still learning :0)
    I saw a post by Oregeenic growers. This was very helpful!