Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Egg production is up!

Yay for spring,Our egg production is up! The hens dropped off laying dramatically this winter as expected. We were only getting around 7-10 eggs a a day out of 100+ hens!
We were a bit worried, but now that the weather has warmed up egg production is up!
We are now getting around 3 dozen a day.
Hopefully we gather more than that this summer as we have around 75 young hens that aren't laying yet. And we just ordered some more chicks. Easter Eggers, We can't wait! We will have a very unique egg color variety this year.Super dark chocolate brown eggs mixed with regular brown,white,pink,blue,and green! It will make gathering the eggs even more exciting!


  1. Wonderful! There is just nothing like a fresh farm egg for breakfast!! The only problem is they are so beautiful it pains me a bit to crack one open each time. :-)

  2. I know what you mean! We have a really hard time cracking open the Dark brown ones, We have only eaten one of those so far.We would rather sell them because It's too hard to eat them LOL