Friday, April 29, 2011

April Showers

The weather has been crazy everywhere! We have had an abnormally cold and wet spring here in Illinois, Everything is waterlogged and over saturated. We are hoping for a nice dry sunny week, as we are way behind on planting! Our plants are all up but when it's this chilly they just kind of sit there and grow very slowly. The chicken house needs moved desperately, It is sitting in a puddle. Egg production has dropped from the lack of sunshine and temps, although they do enjoy finding the worms coming up in the muddy areas.

There is good from all this rain however. No worries about drought, and everything is such a beautiful rich shade of green!

Our white plum tree is in full bloom.

I love the curves of tulip leaves.


  1. Beautiful photos Susy. I hear ya sista...I CAN'T WAIT FOR SUNSHINE. I think my pea plants have grown all of two inches in a month. Uck.

  2. Thanks Jen! I know, mine too! Glad we are getting warmer weather now, Things are really starting to grow fast now!