Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A gourd birdhouse

I had a few extra gourds laying around from last years crop. Which failed might I add. But we did get a few gourds from our little patch, and so I decided to make a new birdhouse out of one of them. I really like the looks of the stained gourds but after scrubbing and scrubbing I just couldn't get the stains out of the gourd so I just painted it.

And the after.
Still need to put a sealer on it and a hole to hang it.
hopefully there will be a new bird family making a nest in there soon!

Also painted this one up to. A little mushroom. You cannot see it in this picture, but I distressed the white with some distress ink. So it breaks all the white up a little and makes it look more like a fungus :0)

And since I stayed inside all day and bored out of my mind, I made my mom up a dozen eggs to stick in her fridge as a surprise lol. Hopefully this doesn't make her feel bad about eating them in the mourning. I did get a giggle out of my 2 year old nephew


  1. LOVE the eggs!! Those are great.
    But the weather... sigh...

  2. I wish they did not look so scared!! Ya know they know!

  3. you need to give your mother one of those beautiful gourds for her birthday!!