Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Got Milk?


We are now in Milk!  

We have welcomed yet another goat to the family. This is our new Nubian doe "Hope" I call her Milly since that's what she looks like to me lol. I think I will make that a permanent name for her now. She is such a sweetie and is still getting used to her new family of goats and dogs. She is taking awhile to warm up to Sam and Bella, But she is doing great. She has a nice big udder, and her teats are nice and big, which makes milking her a breeze and a lot of fun! She is a big girl at 170#, good thing she is super gentle and easy going with the other girls.

We are getting 2 quarts of milk from her a day. Her milk is super sweet and creamy, and were all enjoying having fresh milk in the house!

Having to milk a goat twice a day has actually been good for me. Surprisingly for a farm girl I'm not a morning person, And I like my sleep.Sleeping in is a wonderful thing LOL. Ive been getting up earlier and on time now, Milly has to be milked every 12 hours. It's very enjoyable and relaxing milking her. The feel of her soft warm udders and the sound of the milk as it hits the pail, Listening to her breath and chew her grain as I milk. Its very relaxing and therapeutic I highly suggest it!

                         This mornings milk

  Milly doesn't quite know what to think of Bella.Bella however loves Milly and tries giving her kisses