Thursday, September 8, 2011

All life is precious

So yesterday we had a load of hay come in from our hay guy.  I saw a big cat that wasn't ours jump out as the wagon was coming down our drive. I thought "Oh great another wild cat on the farm" As this usually happens every year when hay comes lol.
As it was being unloaded, my brother stumbled upon a new litter of 4 kittens that must have been born in the bales a week ago I'm guessing as their eyes aren't open yet.
Now We could have called up our hay guy and have him come and get them, But I couldn't do that.
Ive heard to many horror stories of what these "Old time farmer mentality" guys do to a litter of farm kittens. Too many cats on the farm, So they will dispose of them. Not taking into consideration of how all life is precious and everything has a purpose. I left the kitties on the hay wagon overnight thinking momma cat might come back and get them, But she didn't. So first thing this morning I brought them into the house, Fed them eyedroppers of goat milk and made them a cozy place to sleep. Their bellies are full and hopefully I will be able to find them good homes when the time comes.

My 15 year old Chihuaua, "Baby" is taking to them well, And is almost acting like they are puppies. I'm hoping she lays with them and keeps them warm. Baby has great maternal instincts. She took to a baby pot belly pig we had once.


  1. Very sweet story Susy. I'm so glad you took the babies in. And YOUR Baby seems to be quite a little mother.

  2. You will be rewarded for your good deeds!

  3. Thank you! They have gotten a lot bigger now, Their eyes are open and they are nice and chubby lol

  4. Hi Suzy,
    I have stumbled upon your blogs and really enjoy them!
    It makes me really want to live the " farm" life.
    Maybe I can talk my husband I to it? :)
    I am very interested in a Great Pyrenees male puppy from you. I did email you so I am hoping you do check that as I do not have facebook to contact you.
    I hope the kittens are doing good!
    Liz :)