Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cute Fuzzy adorable Pyrenees puppies

For as long as I can remember Ive always wanted to raise and breed Great Pyrenees dogs. This breed isn't for everyone, but they are an amazing breed! Our main reason for choosing this breed is for protection of our livestock, along with the Pyrenees sweet gentle nature with their flock,small animals and people.

On Valentines day 2007 Brad bought me my dream and the most adorable puppy! My Sammy Bear.
This is Sam at just 9 weeks, He was BIG boy!!

Building my dream slowly a few years later Bella joined the family. 
A year and a half later, and an OK from our vet, (Since you usually wait a full 2 years) We planned a romantic date for the two. Puppies on their way!! We can't wait! If all went well She will be due November 1st 2011

Our reason for wanting to breed the Pyrenees is this breed is kind of hard to find in our area, I feel there is a need for this breed in our area. For livestock farmers, or just people who want a amazing, sweet, gentle giant of a dog that is also able to keep predators away. The Pyrenees have also been used to watch over children instead of livestock!
Even though the Pyrenees is super gentle and sweet, these dogs can be very aggressive when they need to be. They usually sleep a lot during the day and are up at night barking and keeping critters away.

 Sam came from Buddy Bottoms Boer goat farm in Iowa. He came from show and working lines. There is a big difference in straight working and straight show lines in this breed.
Sam for example is a lot bigger and has a Immensely super thick fluffy long coat, which is common in show lines. Burrs and sticks have to be worked or cut out.

Bella is on the smaller side, and has a shorter close to the body coat type,
 Its still thick compared to most other breeds, But it's much thinner than Sammy's coat and burrs and sticks don't get stuck in her hair as easily. This is  typical of straight working lines. Mainly because the working lines of Pyrenees needed a thick yet short coat so no debris would get stuck to their hair while working sheep and goats in the Pyrenees  mountains.

If interested in a Pyrenees pup please contact us on Facebook. Puppies will not be registered. Sam Is AKC but Bella is not.I don't feel the need breed registered dogs, I would rather breed for working ability.

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