Friday, December 2, 2011

Before the snow flies

So much has to be done around the farm that has been put off or we haven't found the time for before the snow flies.So Brad took the day off today and we got some much needed work done. The garden has been mowed and plowed, Plastic has been pulled, Potatoes dug, The rest of the Arugula and Swiss chard picked and done! Now all we have to do is spread some manure and everything is finished for the year in the garden.

Mowing was first on the list. Our garden was a grass field. We have had several complaints from conventional farmers telling us we needed to spray. I just say I don't mind picking in the weeds, Plus its is so pretty in the fall LOL  I actually use the grass as centerpieces and its beautiful!           

The plastic needed pulling. I don't like the idea of using so much plastic but there is no way we could do without it! It keeps the plants from being overwhelmed with weeds in the summer and it also keeps the bugs at bay some since the plastic heats up.We have found dead cucumber beetles on it from the summer sun. Awesome!

Plowing was a chore today actually. I think we may need to upgrade to a bigger one. The grass kept getting stuck in it today, requiring Brad to stop every 20 feet or so to be cleaned out.

 To my surprise I found some broccoli left that was hidden in the weeds. I kept the greens for the goats and chomped on the heads while working. I must say this was some of the best broccoli Ive tasted, I'm sure the frost had something to do with that. It was so so sweet! even though it was a little past ripe.
 The best tasting spinach ever! They say it gets sweeter and better after a frost.This spinach tasted like a sweet almond, Exactly! Amazing!

We harvested the rest of the Swiss chard and arugula for ourselves. Surprisingly it grew back pretty fast in this cold weather.This is a lot of Chard. Maybe I will make soup with it.

The arugula Grew back amazingly fast since our last market!
 Brad found this French Breakfast radish that was hidden and grew all summer.


  1. please keep it natural, do not spray, the conventional & industrialized followers can...well you know. we love following your progress and by the way the goats milk was awesome, i came out with my mom i think i called Brad a couple times 2 find your place. did not realize how prolific swiss chard was. we have grown it b4 but always harvested in summer. if you ever want volunteer help, we love and appreciate local farming, peace. Kim & Monica

  2. You're doing great stuff! This city girl envies the fact that you are getting your own greens in the midst of Winter! :D

  3. Oh no worries there, We would never ever spray!We take our losses because of that and we are fine with it. We always plant extra because we know we will loose some. Glad you liked the milk! All the girls should be pregnant so we will have gallons in a few months. Swiss Chard amazes me really. We always harvest what we can and when it goes to seed we mow it down and it comes right back up from the roots.
    Volunteer help would be awesome! Thank you so much. Hope to see you sometime soon :)

  4. Thanks Zan! We are surprised we are still getting stuff to lol. We are usually done in October. This fall has been very good and mild for growing and we are very happy!