Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let there be light

The chicken house is now lit for the winter and its a big relief!

Its been a little pathetic around here when it comes to egg production.For a couple months we have been way below average for 200 hens and haven't been able to keep up with demand for some of our loyal costumers.We finally decided to light up the chicken house. We sort of put it off since It was pretty expensive to light a mobile chicken house in the pasture,450 feet of extension cord isn't cheap!
We used our grow lights with a timer for the lighting. We also went and bought some cattle panel to make a little pen for overwinter. We open it up during the day and close it up at night. So now we wait and see if this extra amount of light helps any, I sure hope so!

Brad getting everything situated in the coop

It looks a little messy but Were making do for now.

Roosting up for the night. Its nice to finally be able to see in the coop at night. Actually it's kinda of fun to go down there at night in the cold, sit in the warm coop with Brad and talk.

All comfy cozy.
We use the deep litter system in the winter months. We layer shavings and use barn lime and   Diatomaceous Earth to keep it dry. This layering of the bedding decomposes and creates heat like a compost pile. Not too much heat but just enough to make it cozy for the girls without having to use too many heat lamps.