Friday, September 23, 2011

Washed in golden beautiful-ness

It's the first day of fall and everything is washed in golden beautiful-ness!
Fall is my favorite season and gives me a warm cozy feeling. I think that's just my bodies way of setting into a hibernation mode lol.
I love the lighting this time of year, Its more muted and warm toned. I could sit outside for hours just soaking it all in as the birds gather and the geese fly overhead. The corn and soybean fields are just beautiful, as the warm fall sun gleams a honey toned cast over it all. Even things as simple as the grass are a sight to be seen. The golden seed head swaying back and forth like stalks of wheat.As everything and Everyone gets ready for the arrival of winter.Fall also means breeding season here on the farm, and getting everything situated in the barn and winterized. And Projects finished before the cold weather hits. And an exciting time as well, as we will be expecting a litter of Great Pyrenees pups on November 1st and goat babies in February and March! As Life dies back in fall we welocome new life in the middle of it all. Exciting times here on the farm.
Its also means my clothesline drying days are dwindling down as things just aren't drying as fast as they were.A very sad reality in my world!
But as we say goodbye to summer and the growing seasons, The cold weather crops are in for Octobers harvest. We will have radishes,lettuce,arugula,spinach,and Swiss Chard. Maybe that will give us a taste of spring again before we put the garden to rest for the year.

One of the goats out in the beautiful fall grass

Brad out checking the fall seedling up in the garden


  1. I think the grass is just beautiful... all the wild things are in the fall sunlight! Your pictures are great!